The Three P’s (of Grocery Shopping)

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The Three P’s (of Grocery Shopping)


The “Three P” concept is the culmination of my 25 years of food shopping, prepping, cooking and presentation and originally stemmed from my grandma and mother who taught me at a young age about tasting a large variety of food whenever possible as well as being smart about picking out the ingredients for your next home cooked meals. They took pride in everything they did and  I am so lucky to learn from talented women in the kitchen. I am excited to pay it forward and share with you a few concepts that I hold dear when shopping for groceries (and beyond).

Cheers, Beauties!


When thinking about buying groceries for a dinner you are planning, price seems to always be a determining factor. Let’s be real… even if we have a large budget, we still have price in mind. If we didn’t we would have private chefs five times a week!

From coupon clipping to seeking out specials to brining cheaper cuts of meat (which adds amazing flavor and tenderness), to “upcycling” and reusing elements from previous meals – so no food is wasted – there are infinite ways to be cost-effective and have fun along the way.


In this fast-paced society when we are running around all day with work, errands, activities, what we will have for dinner is heavily dependent on the amount of time we have to cook. On average, we have 15-30 minutes to put dinner on the table so we must act quickly and precisely. I clean and chop ingredients and store them in the fridge and also make trays of roasted veggies Sunday evening that can be made into various dishes throughout the week. I love brining all of my meats, especially chicken. Check out my brining recipe and let me know how it turns out for you.

I have many tools which help me whip up dishes (and luckily enough space to store them) but if the house were on fire and I had to leave with only three items, I would grab a very sharp knife, a peeler, and a hand blender.


You eat with your eyes first. Especially kids! When I am food shopping I keep in mind the importance of this, especially with my two very visual and very honest kids. If I choose meat, I will think about colorful veggies to accompany the meal. I believe it is necessary to add “Oomph” to the plate. Layer your ingredients. Keep in mind; proportion, color, texture, serving dishes, even height (check out my scallop and shrimp stack recipe). If it does not look appealing we are unlikely to even taste it.

Next time you’re at the market, try not to complicate your shopping experience. Simply keep in mind the Three P’s. Grab ingredients that are seasonal and on sale, think about how you will be serving it, prep it when you get home and the next day, you will have dinner ready in no time. I can not wait to hear how these easy tips will make you a rockstar in the kitchen!

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