Welcome Beautiful People! 

My name is Masha Itkin and I have been a passionate cook since I can remember. I want thank my very kind mom who took the time and patience to cook with me and give me not only a surviving skill, but a passion that I share with my family, friends, kids and all of you new friends.

My curious mind and love for experimenting has led me to a few kitchen disasters but mostly it led me to create hundreds of thousands of tasty recipes. I have spent a lot of time honing my craft and experimenting and now I would like to offer you a few bits of advice to make your meals easy, healthy and memorable. Let’s connect with the amazing people around us.

It is safe to say that I have gotten my hands on all kinds of yummy recipes, techniques, travels, markets, products, and restaurants that I can find. Trust me, my experience is not just in making dinners for 4, I have a vast array of tricks up my sleeve when it comes to entertaining – from small dinner parties to large banquet events. I have studied what other chefs have done, learned from their techniques and experiences, and add my own flair to make it special for my family.

When I am home, you will most often find me cooking in the kitchen and spending time with my kids. They are young but already love to cook and are so passionate about spreading the joy of cooking that they have created their own recipes and made the dishes on camera with the help from their school friends. A few years back, we were cooking and started filming and quickly realized that we have a BLAST creating the episodes and explode with laughter when we watch the bloopers over and over! Not only is filming them over-the-top entertaining, but they are learning about cooking techniques, improving their communication skills, exploring new tastes, and even inviting their friends over for cooking playdates. Right now, my team and I are compiling their kid-friendly recipes into a cookbook.

I often have family and friends that call me and ask me for my advice. After many requests I created “Mi” Advice for them and for you. I figured if they benefit from my advice then so could you. I am humbled to live on this amazing planet in present time and have the opportunity to share with you!

With love,
Masha Itkin via Mi Advice


“I love entertaining and making delicious dishes for my family and friends. There is something so rewarding about cooking for the ones you love and creating an experience and memories that will last far beyond that day.”